About us
(well me)

This project was found during the 2nd wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our country, The Netherlands, went into a lockdown and I was starting a new business. But sometimes I was bored and needed something else to focus on. That’s how the darkroom directory was found.

I travel often and always like to visit cool neighbourhoods and nice coffee places. And local camera shops too. 

I love film so I made it my goal to maintain a list of *every darkroom, community, co-op or commercial enterprise active in analogue photography*.

Why? Well I hope it helps people new to analogue photography or travellers like myself, to connect with local film photography communities & shops.

So if you are running a community- or public darkroom, organize analogue workshops or own a shop that sells analogue photo supplies, then add your location and please link to the darkroom.directory. The more visible the film community becomes, the more vibrant it will be, right?!

The goal is to promote film. I treat the darkroom directory as a non-profit organization and the (small amount) of costs required for hosting comes from my start-up: no-digital.

A bit more about me: I have been working in various roles in Tech & Automotive. I love brand management and digital marketing and my last role (before starting my own business) was CMO of a boutique luxury car maker. I like the outdoors, modern art, good coffee and a fair bit of travelling.

— Sander.